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Brickell Avenue Living

Brickell Avenue is synonymous with prestige and opulence and the plush thoroughfare found in Greater Miamisimply exudes wealth. It is located the heart of the international banking portion of Greater Miami and it is enjoying its fairly new role as a popular place to reside and entertain in. It boasts a great location just south of the Miami River and it took its name from a homestead owned by William and Mary Brickell who founded Greater Miami as well as the local beaches.

The property market here is a lively one due to the popularity of purchases in the area and the avenue is home to endless rows of impressive towering high rises. Downtown Miami is only a short distance away and here are some of the top reasons to choose to invest in a property in Brickell Avenue:

    •    It is center of the business and finance in Great Miami and workers through to executives choose to reside here
    •    Brickell Avenue boasts a close proximity to Downtown Miami
    •    It offers endless choices of entertainment venues
    •    Luxurious wining and dining opportunities right on your doorstep
    •    It offers one of the most prestigious names in business in the whole of the US

Brickell Avenue is associated with all things American and big businesses, finance and wealth are all tantamount to the avenue. The streets are always full of hustle and bustle and the whole street is lively and vibrant – a place for those who enjoy living life to the full! High rise residential towers can be found in the nearby streets of Miami Avenueand Brickell Bay Drive and the lofty office blocks in Brickell Avenue are fascinating to see.

Mary Brickell Village

This neighborhood is found just a short distance from Brickell Avenue and it is all part of the large area of Miamiknown simply as Brickell. Downtown Miami  is close by along with all of its modern amenities and facilities and Mary Brickell Village is a hugely popular place to live in the city.

There is a collection of useful shops in the village that are used by visitors and residents alike and new stores and plush eateries are added to the lifestyle center every year. It spans an impressive two blocks in Miami’s Downtown portion and when the sun falls there are plenty of activities to enjoy here from dining in the tasty restaurants through to lounging in the upscale bars.

The Appeal of Living in Brickell Avenue

Life in Brickell Avenue attracts many different people from all walks of life and the dominant high rises in the area give the wealthy thoroughfare a unique appeal.

Here is an idea why people choose to live life in the fast lane in Brickell Avenue:

    •    Business people choose to purchase property here to make use of its great location close to the many successful businesses and companies
    •    Others enjoy its close proximity to Downtown Miami
    •    The coast is also just a short distance away, which attracts families, singles and couples

With so many good restaurants, fancy bars, boutique stores, specialist shops and plush residences; why not make Brickell Avenue your new home?